Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Maria's NHL Teams

This idea blossomed thanks to how much I hate the Nashville Predator's name. Why the predators? What does that even mean? So I suggested they should be called the Nashville Guitars. Now, obviously, it's an awful idea,  so I tried to come up with more! Then I thought, hey I'm horrible at drawing, I should draw their logos too! So here it is, my masterpiece of new NHL logos and names! 

Anaheim Disney

Nice and simple design. Hockey stick hidden in there, you can't even tell it's there!

Arizona Cactus
 It sort of looks like a dong.

Colorado Weed Leaves

I had to call them weed leaves because weeds sounds like the stuff in
 your lawn and that's not what I want. Especially proud of the drawing on this one. 

Carolina BBQs

I was doing alphabetical order but now I'm lazy and it doesn't matter what order they're in! I love BBQs! Yum! Know what's not yum? Natural disasters that kill people.

Minnesota Pine Trees

 I originally wanted to call them the "Minnesota best connection airports". I dont know what they have in Minnesota but since they were the wild I'm gonna assume they have pine trees. 

Chicago Winds
Clever use of the hocky mullet. Great logo, IMO. 

Columbus Sads

 I've been to Ohio.

Nashville Guitars

 This one barely won over the Nashville Cowboy Hats.

St. Louis Meths

 Do people use spoons when doing meth? I hope so! 

L.A. Sombreros

 The design of their helmets should excite everyone.

Dallas Modanos

 He's got X's for eyes, poor Mike. 

San Jose Silicons

Really wish it was silicone valley.

Washington Pentagons

 Remember when you learned the pentagon? Such an advanced shape! 

New York SOLs
 Statue of Liberty!!!!

New York Subways

 Rode one this summer, very useful. 

New Jersey Shores

 Fist pump.

Buffalo Wings

 It's honey garlic, BTW.

Tampa Bay Cruiseships 

 Hoot, hoot. 

Florida Cubans

Los Cubanos de Florida

Pittsburgh Yellow Bridges

 Only thing that Pittsburgh has.

Detroit Cars

 Hard to choose between Detroit cars, Detroit Poors or the Detroit Bankrupts 

Boston Lobsters

 Almost picked the Toucans for Marchand and Lucic.

Philadelphia Bells

 Another hidden hockey stick, you didn't see that coming.

Ottawa Parliaments

 This is one of my favoUrites because it's already WAY better than the Senators logo.

Montreal French

 Had a hard time not picking the Montreal Cheese Curds.

Toronto Traffic

 That pink car is a fancy convertable, don't go to Toronto.

Calgary Mountains

 I also picked Shakira's Whenever Whenever as their goal song.

Edmonton Malls

 Oilers was hard to beat for most obvious name for a place, but that big mall really is something.

Vancouver Rains

Hockey stick hidden in there, bet you can't find it.

Winnipeg Snow
Why does this place exist?

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